Rajamouli #1 In Pakistan!RRR is doing something that not many Indian films could do in the past – win international acclaim. The Rajamouli directorial is winning accolades all across the globe.

Interestingly enough, RRR is trending in the number 1 position in Netflix Pakistan. RRR has hit top gear in the very first week of its Netflix premieres. The very fact that RRR is trending at the No. 1 position in Pakistan proves the same.

Not just in Pakistan, RRR is trending at the No. 1 position in countries like UAE, Bangladesh, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, and others as well. The film is also receiving tremendous acclaim from the USA folks as well.

The kind of international acclaim RRR is getting is unprecedented, we must say. The Rajamouli directorial was a big hit in terms of box office returns. Now, the film is proving to be an OTT blockbuster as well. Netflix has certainly hit the jackpot with RRR’s international OTT streaming rights.

Also, there is a special one-night event in the USA, where RRR’s uncut version will be screened at over 100 screens in the USA.