Rajamouli is one director who had entirely changed the face of Telugu movie making. He belongs to the rare class of directors who have 100% success rate and also has Magadheera, the biggest hit of Tollywood under his name. Every Producer is eager to have his dates and some of them are giving blank cheque to him even years before. Why is it so? Why is Rajamouli bigger? Lets go in to detail

1. Rajamouli had become the biggest crowd puller in TFI. His movies with even low profile stars like Sunil and Nani are also drawing collections on par with a big hero.Thus the movies becoming minimum guarantee at the box office.

2. Rajamouli team’s creative skills are just amazing. His Eega Audio function had earned double TRPs than another function just his innovative program design. And from his next movie, audio functions will also be going to hot cakes.

3. Rajamouli’s Vikramarkudu was remade in 4 languages and is successful in all the languages. There by there is tremendous demand for the remake rights from other languages.

4. All the movies of Rajamouli had fetched huge TRP ratings even during the repeat telecast. At times, producers of Rajamouli movies went on to auction the movie rights fetching huge sums.

5. Eega is being simultaneously made in other languages too and the rights of those have fetched whopping prices which no other director in Telugu had never dream of.