Rajamoili regrets rejecting Bajrangi BhaijaanBaahubali followed by Bhajrangi Bhaijaan surprised the audiences and critics equally for the pen power of writer Vijayendra Prasad. With one direct blockbuster in Hindi, the writer emerged as the top writer of Bollywood. But why didn’t Rajamouli take up such an intriguing subject himself? When media asked the same question during a recent interview, Rajamouli’s words reveal that today he regrets rejecting Bhajrangi.

Vijayendra Prasad first narrated the script to his son Rajamouli and needless to say, he liked it. The idea SSR had then was that Vijayendra Prasad will direct the movie. But things changed when his father got a Bollywood offer for Bhajrangi story at the very point when Rajamouli was busy shooting for war sequences of Baahubali and in great pressure over canning the war scenes.

Then Rajamouli let the story go and it was made by a Bollywood director. The film turned one of the biggest film in terms of earnings in Bollywood amongst straight Hindi movies. For Rajamouli it was regretting time to lose such a good script and for taking the decision when he was in pressure. His father feels that Bhajrangi would have been even better if it had been made by Rajamouli.

The capabilities and sensibilities of Rajamouli as a film maker are quite different and in many ways novel. So audiences and critics know that Rajamouli definitely would have given the story a different feel, if not better. Don’t you think so?