Karthikeya changes his attitudeKarthikeya is still in search of a proper hit after RX100. The star is all set to try his luck in the theaters as Raja Vikramarka on the 12th of this month. In an interaction with M9.news, Karthikeya reconciles the mistakes he committed and how the mistakes changed his attitude.

“I have been into too much of calculations like Image, marker, future, etc. I tried films under pressure and with all these calculations missing the basics in the story. After everything failed, I have decided to take one film at a time and make it a good film. Raja Vikramarka is the first film in that direction,” Karthikeya says.

“If the basics about a story are good, the film will be a good film and in that process, hits will definitely come. If anything goes wrong, I can analyze and correct the mistakes. I ensured I listened to the story as the common audience and ensured past mistakes are not repeated,” he adds.

“Raja Vikramarka is a film with stylish action and excellent comedy timing. I play an NIA agent and this is a genre I never attempted. It will take the audience to a new world and will keep them tensed about what happens next. I am sure it will work out with the audience,” the young hero assures.