Raja Vikramarka TeaserThe teaser of actor Karthikeya’s new film Raja Vikramarka is out. It belongs to the recently favoured ’Spy Thriller’ genre by TFI. But, it comes with a ‘funny’ comic twist.

The basic premise in Raja Vikramarka seems familiar. It is about a youngster who is trying to become an agent. The process of training and it being followed by a mission looks like the plot here. We have seen all this before, but here (in Raja Vikramarka), it is done with a comedy twist to the proceedings.

Karthikeya is going through a struggling phase career-wise. He hasn’t scored a big success after his blockbuster debut RX100. A couple of films did give a positive impression with the trailers during the same time. Raja Vikramarka is another instant addition to the list. There will be interest among the audience. But, finally, it is the content that will be the deciding factor.

Sri Saripalli directs Raja Vikramarka. Tanya Ravichandra plays the female lead. Sai Kumar, Tanikella Bharani, Pasupathy and Harsha Vardhan plays crucial roles. It looks like a perfect cast for a comic-action thriller. Apart from them, Sudhakar Komakula plays a vital role.

Check out the trailer below. Prashanth R Vihari provides the music to the film. Rama Reddy produces the movie, which is expected to hit the theatres soon.