Raj Tarun - Iddari Lokam OkkateGetting another film from Dil Raju’s compound after a debacle like ‘Lover’, Raj Tarun must be really fortunate for the next chance ‘Iddari Lokam Okate’ from the producer. There had been rumours that everything wasn’t well between the produce and the actor after ‘Lover’.

Speaking about the differences in a recent interview, Raj Tarun told that the producer generally doesn’t mull over past things and there were actually no differences between them just gossips. Speaking at the pre-release event, Dil Raju also made things clear.

He knows that the film industry runs on sentiments and as their previous movie was a failure he was little sceptical about the combination once again. But then, it was Raj Tarun who came to Dil Raju when the director couldn’t work out the combination with a couple of heroes.

At this point in time, Raj Tarun needs a hit and it’s a good thing for him that his film is coming from Dil Raju’s compound who ensures very decent release in terms of the number of theatres and planning the promotions.