raj tarun fake tweet on ram gopal varmaEccentric director RGV and young hero Raj Tarun are going to team up and RGV seems to be very much impressed with the skills of the young hero. He says Raj Tharun is a better director than Puri, Rajamouli, VV Vinayak and him, though he is a fantastic actor. What kind of response do one expect from Raj Tharun for RGV’s tweets?

Leaving us all surprised, Raj Tharun’s tweets seem to be arrogant branding RGV as an ‘Ok’ director and boasting that he can make better ‘Shiva’ and ‘Rangeela’. He also adds that in spite of thinking, he is an ‘ok ok’ director, he is doing an RGV film because he thinks that he can correct RGV’s mistakes.

Well, that seems, too much arrogance to take. But going by the language of the tweets, the account seems to be a fake one or else a promotional strategy worked out by the actor-director pair. If the latter is the case, then the mastermind is definitely RGV . It’s now left to Raj Tharun to clarify on the tweets.