Raj-Tarun-Surfaced-in-Tirupathi-with-GunduRaj Tarun’s recent release ‘Lover’ opened up to a disastrous talk and also this happens t be producer Dil Raju’s weakest along with the hero. The result is obvious and there is no good news for the young hero who has back-to-back disappointments.

After the release of ‘Lover’, the hero seems to have gone to Tirupathi for Lord Venkateshwara darshan and his ‘Lover’ heroine Riddi Kapoor accompanied him to the temple city. He was spotted sporting a tonsured head in a white shirt and Lungi. He was almost unrecognizable.

After the media recognized him, he clicked several pictures with his fans, even. Besides Raj Tarun and Riddi Kapoor, Nithin and Dil Raju were spotted in Tirumala who came separately to pay respects to the Lord before the audio function (audio function on Sunday evening) of Nithin’s ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’ produced by Dil Raju.