Raj-Tarun's-Plans-for-Allu-Arjun-ChangedEarlier, in the last year Raj Tarun said that he is interested in directing movies and getting a few subjects ready for his directorial ventures. He said that he wrote a story for Allu Arjun. Raj Tarun plans for Allu Arjun seems to have been changed.

In a recent interaction, when he was asked about the story he wrote for Allu Arjun, Raj Tarun said that he has the habit of revisiting his stories after some time and if only they excite him again, he will take them further. So, he wants to work on Allu Arjun’s story, later. Procrastination is the thief of time and it clearly indicates he had changed his plans, as of now.

Raj Tarun shot to fame with ‘Uyyala Jampala’ as a boy next door but soon lost that initial interest he had created among the audiences. No doubt, there is a talk that the young hero is getting monotonous not only with regard to the characters and subjects he has been choosing but also with his acting.

When asked the same, the young actor said that he was offered the same type of roles and hence, he had to do them. When he tried something different like ‘Rangularatnam’, nothing worked out. Hmmm!