raj tarun compares himself to dhanushAmong the present crop of contemporary heroes of South Movies. Tamil actor Dhanush is said to be one of the most unconventional star hero. True. More than his looks, he proved himself worthy by the virtue of his performances and nuances in emoting. Look! Who is comparing himself to Dhanush in Tollywood?

It’s young hero Raj Tharun. who is considered as the most natural actor who can be called ‘the boy next door’ to perfection. When asked about his unconventional looks and voice which look far from the stereotypes, Raj Tharun accepts that he looks unconventional not a typical hero.

He compares himself to Dhanush after his Hindi debut ‘Ranjhana’. He doesn’t go to gym for workouts and eats like a common young man 6-7 times a day. He laughs at the idea of beating several goons at a time with the kind of unconventional looks he has. At present, larger than life roles aren’t his cup of tea reasons the young actor. Seems to be making sense indeed!