Raj Tarun Movies Stalled Shooting - Reasons Dates ClashAfter scoring back to back hits, one expected young hero Raj Tarun’s career to be bang on. But, not even one film came out except the multi-starrer with Manchu Vishnu. What’s the reason behind this slow pace of Raj Tarun?

As reported by Deccan Chronicle, the young hero landed his career in a big mess. He is in a lot of confusion and even left the makers of his films in confusion. Why? The actor has accepted films back to back without taking the dates clash into consideration.

So, all the three films were launched around the same period and one by one they got stalled midway. Now, none of his films is either complete or in the shooting phase. That means, though the actor had signed three movies, there is ambiguity on, which movie would see the light of the day.