Ram gopal varama Guinness book record

Filmmaking is known to mostly revolve around finance, dealing with people with an addition of the creative aspect. But one wonders, how is that director Ram Gopal Varma makes these slew of films without any fanfare and is yet able to maintain such a low profile. After his recent film, Manchu’s Rowdy, RGV has had his hands on as many as four films, while our Tollywood directors are sweating to deliver one film in a year. Not only this, RGV also recently released the first look of his horror film ‘Patta Pagalu’ with Rajasekhar, and another one of Navdeep’s Ice Cream, which is again a horror movie.

The question raised here is how is it that director Ram Gopal Varma is managing to handle successfully multiple films at the same time? People are also wondering about the motivation behind this multi-movies act! After all, what is RGV really aiming at by doing this multi-tasking…perhaps a Guinness record with most number of flops in short span?