Rain plays spoilsport for Baahubali team

This is not the first time but weather has not been kind towards Rajamouli’s Baahubali. The film unit is currently shooting in Kerala, where due to sudden downpour, the team to had to call of shooting. Since it was outdoor shooting, Rajamouli decided to call it off.

This has been happening over and over again because recently the film’s unit while shooting in a maize field, specially grown for the film, was washed away due to torrential rains. The team is slated to complete lot of portion of shooting in Kerala, and are currently waiting the rains to stop completely so that they can resume shooting.

Going at this rate, one wonders if Rajamouli will be able to complete the film by next year. The film is anyways slated to release in 2015, but the question is will be able to release it on time as planned?