‘Andala Rakshasi’ fame actor Rahul Ravindran recently had a very tough experience of dancing an entire day for an upcoming Telugu film. He says it was extremely challenging to be continuously dancing even though he really enjoys dancing. But he says dancing for cinema is so different as it is very technical. He said it’s not easy to dance to the beats in a song, whereas it’s a lot easier to dance to a peppy number.

He feels dancing is very important for south Indian actors as we still follow the dance and songs culture in our films. He says dancing skills will come in handy especially if we are doing a lot of commercial films. He is in awe of senior actors like Balakrishna, who are still taking efforts to dance and entertain audiences. Therefore, he feels dance is very important for a south Indian actor.

Rahul is currently busy with two Telugu films – Hyderabad Love Story and Ala Ila. He is also expected to start shooting for a film with ‘Lovely’ fame Aadi soon. He said he currently is only concentrating on Tamil.