Rahul Ramakrishna, Only Telugu Actor to Voice Frank Opinion on the Encounter“Justice Served”, “Hats-off to TS Police”, “Well done” and what not, our Tollywood celebs showered congratulations and wishes to the police who successfully led the encounter of the four accused in Disha’s case. The whole country voiced their support to the encounter act and so did the star actors of our Tollywood from Tarak to Samantha.

Everybody said this justifies what happened to the vet and that this creates fear in others who try to attempt any such sort. All of them went with the flow to garner the public support and blindly celebrated the event. But this one actor voiced his opinion frankly saying this is not what justice is.

It is Rahul Ramakrishna who wrote: “That wasn’t justice. That was a safety valve set in place to diffuse unmanageable public anger” and clearly conveyed that justice comes from bringing in proper laws that prevent the crime in the first place. While nobody is supporting the culprits and the social media split into two groups debating if the encounter was correct or not, Rahul made everybody think about the actuals. Agree with him?