Rahul-Ramakrishna-RRRRRR is the talk of Indian cinema even many months post its release. The film has entered the Oscar campaign and is now making a whole lot of noise in the global circuit.

Coming to the point, talented young Telugu actor, Rahul RamaKrishna who is indeed known for his attention grabbing acts on Twitter has come up with an interesting post.

“Forget #RRR, support these folks for their film” Rahul wrote as he publicized a film titled Testimony Of Ana. This film is scheduled for Academy screening and Rahul has ignited the promotional campaign of the same now.

Netizens are now commenting that it is strange to see a Telugu actor pushing for some other film while RRR is making a lot of noise globally and is raring to enter the contention for Oscars.

The more interesting part is that Rahul himself is seen in a consequential role in RRR, but now, he is asking the audience to forget the Rajamouli directorial and support some other unheard film.