radhika apte controversyRadika Apte did rub Tollywood in a wrong way by stating that Tollywood is ‘Male Chauvinist’ and vowing not to do a movie in Telugu again. After a couple of months, when asked her about her statement on Tollywood, Radhika Apte stood by her statement and gave a little bit more clarity.

She explains that it’s not only Tollywood, everywhere like in Bollywood and also around the world , the society is ‘patriarchal’. Some particular experiences she had on the sets of her movie while doing a Telugu movie made her to talk about Tollywood in particular.

But if she is offered a good role and if she believes that she would be treated well, not like she had been treated during her previous outing, then Radhika is ready to take a Telugu film also.

She might have angered some Telugu people, but with her latest films, Radhika is considered a performer who has potential and hence landed in a film to star opposite superstar Rajnikanth in his next with Pa Ranjith.