Betha Sudhakar, Comedian Betha Sudhakar Slapped, Radhika Slapped Comedian Sudhakar, Radhika Slapped Senior Comedian SudhakarSudhakar was one of the top comedians during his time and gave many senior comedians a run for their money. Nowadays he is hardly seen in films. But speaking in a recent interview he revealed many interesting facts about his career and one among them was about his co-star Radhika.

Sudhakar acted in over 13 films with Radhika but during his first film he had a horrible experience. During a particular scene, Sudhakar was supposed to lift Radhika and swirl her in the air. But when the take rolled Sudhakar accidentally put his hand under Radhika’s undergarment.

This led a serious altercation from the actress as she slapped Sudhakar on his face. This incident says Sudhakar he can never forget in his entire life and scared him to death. Sudhakar also shelled out so many details about his life and also said that he will act soon.