Radhe Shyam U.S. Break-Even: Huge Task!Prabhas‘s Radhe Shyam is releasing in theatres worldwide on the 11th of March. The film’s theatrical rights are sold for sky-high prices, all thanks to the brand image and the box office pull Prabhas commands.

Coming to the topic, Radhe Shyam‘s USA theatrical rights are valued at $4.5 million, meaning the film will have to perform exceedingly well at the USA box office it is to attain the breakeven status and then go on to reap profits.

Recent big-ticket release, Pushpa struggled hard to touch the break-even mark – $2.4 million. Taking this into consideration, minting over $4.5 million in the current USA market situation is not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

If a target as big as $4.5 million is to be reached, the publicity will have to be of top notch standard and the buzz surrounding the film should be on an unprecedented level. In the case of Radhe Shyam, the common opinion is that film’s promotional campaign has blown hot and cold.

Also, the fact that Radhe Shyam isn’t an event film or at least a commercially packed film with a winning combination comes into play. All things combined, Radhe Shyam’s target of $4.5 million dollars is an exceedingly tough one. There appears to be some sort of miscalculation. We need to wait and see if Prabhas can actually pull this off.