Radhe Shyam BO: Decent Hold, But Fate ClearThe Telugu version of Radhe Shyam is continuing to do well. It had a decent hold on the second day in Telugu states. But, the writing is clear on the wall, and its fate seems sealed considering its final box office prospects.

On the second day, Radhe Shyam has reportedly collected close to (or a little higher) 11 Cr. It is a good number, and the recent biggies too collected similar or a little more on their second day. The problem here is that Radhe Shyam’s numbers should have been higher as it has the hike in place.

What that means is that despite another steady day (Sunday), Radhe Shyam is going to end up as a loss venture. It will, in fact, loses heavily considering the rights at which it has been sold to the various distributors. Will it be the biggest ever in Telugu cinema? We will know that by mid-week in the coming days.

Radhe Shyam needs to collect more than 100 Cr in Telugu states alone. So far, it has collected around 38 Cr only. As one can see, there is still a long way to go to achieve break-even. It could be impossible, but that would be confirmed in the days ahead.

Radha Krishna Kumar of Jil fame directs Radhe Shyam. It is a love story set in the Italian backdrop in the 1970s. The UV Creations productions made on a mammoth budget of 300 Cr released all over India in multiple languages on March 11th.