Radhe Shyam: Biggest Gamble With PrabhasPrabhas is synonymous with action and fight scenes. Fans are always thrilled to see their idol kicking the goons and the action block elevation gives them a high. But what if they don’t get to see this?

Prabhas’ upcoming period drama Radhe Shyam will not have a single action scene. Taken by surprise folks? Director Radha Krishna Kumar has spilled beans on it stating that the film will not consist a single fight scene.

The director further states that the script didn’t require it and everyone who heard the script including Prabhas were fine with it. “A fight scene has a certain emotion. Although there are no fights, 10 times more such emotion will be felt by the audience,” says Radhe Krishna Kumar in an interview.

The filmmaker dubs that along with his team they have watched the movie many times and all lapped it up. Another interesting info, the filmmaker reveals is that there will be many hard-hitting moments in the film from Prabhas. Throughout the film, Prabhas has acted with his eyes, says Radha Krishna Kumar.

However this comes as a biggest gamble with Prabhas. How the audience will receive this will be seen on January 14, 2022.