Radhe Shyam TeaserCan it get bigger than Salaar at the moment for Pan-India Rebel Star Prabhas? Well, the makers of Radhe Shyam definitely feel that way. An announcement video that is soon going to come has them proclaim it as ‘Biggest Announcement Of The Decade’.

But, first things first, after all the waiting and secrecy maintained by the team, it is unfortunate that a video of Radhe Shyaam has leaked. That it happens to be the first visual glimpse of Radhe Shyam is what complicates the matter.

A grand announcement regarding the teaser of Radhe Shyam was expected over the weekend. Due to the leak, it looks like it will happen sooner than anticipated. It is sure to take Radhe Shyam at the top of the buzz among Prabhas film. But, can it overcome the Salaar frenzy needs to be seen.

Whatever may be the case, the long and frustrating time for the fans of Prabhas is about to end soon. The teaser will be out on Valentine’ Day, and so will be the release date. For the time being, it is suspense, though.

Radhe Shyam has Prabhas return to his lover boy role after a decade. We last saw him in similar space in the movie Darling that came way back in 2010. It is a conscious decision by the star who has been (and will be) doing heavy-duty action fares.

Radha Krishna Kumar directs Radhe Shyam. He previously made Jil, which is known for its style and music. The same will repeat for Radhe Shyam as well, going by the stuff available so far. Justin Prabhakaran provides the music to the epic love story. UV Creations banner produces the flick.