Ram Charan’s Racha was released today in more than 900 theaters across the state. The movie is said to be a routine mass masala. Sampath Nandi who is directing his second movie could not match up to the expectations due to his poor narration and unconvincing screen play. The story begins well but very soon becomes predictable in the second half and finally with flat climax
1. Ram Charan energy
2. Vaana Vaana song
3. Tamannah Galamour
4. Few action sequences and dialogues
1. Illogical scenes
2. Predictable story
3. Forced comedy
4. Flat climax
BO Prediction: The movie might be appealing to B and C centers. Long weekend in the form of Jagajeevan Ram Jayanti (Today), Good Friday (Tomorrow), Saturday and Sunday will help the movie get good opening. Also lack of proper competition might also help the movie at box office