Race Gurram - another Brahmi success

Once upon a time not so long ago films were made with strong and fresh storylines that didn’t rely on any particular element to carry it through. The directors worked with integrity to give full justice to the scope the story has in store for us. But things have changed in the past few years.

While one can’t exactly pinpoint when but comedy took over the central theme and conflict that needed to be resolved with great care and writing was simply side tracked using comedy. Soon this epidemic spread to one too many films and the result is today we have what is popularly being referred as ‘Brahmi’ hits.

One need not name all those films but its suffice to say that Race Gurram has joined that list as well for a movie connoisseur. The film right from its opening day carried a talk that Brahmanandam has stolen the show again with his Kill Bill Pandey act. In fact many believe that the second half of the film was greatly salvaged by his presence and it was one of the primary reason for the positive word of mouth that generated on the first day after a low opening.

So how many of you agree with this observation. Do you think the directors have to resort to comedy to side track the main theme and simply entertain without providing a proper resolution to the basic story at hand. Is Race Gurram another Brahmi hit. What do you think? Share us your thoughts.