Race Gurram – A Mega test ahead

Allu Arjun’s Race Gurram is all set to release tomorrow. The film which almost had no buzz few days back has since then picked up post the birthday of the films lead star Allu Arjun. In the last two days the makers have done their best to create excitement on the film and its up to the audience now and of course the quality of the film as well.

But amidst all this there is also an important happening that is being closely looked this time around more than ever. Race Gurram will be the first release from ‘mega’ compound post the political divisions and that too bang in the middle of elections as well. With the two pillars of mega family at logger heads politically, will it have implications on the box office of their films, has been an ongoing discussion ever since. Race Gurram provides a chance to take a close look at this.

Many have believed over the past few days that the lack of buzz on the film was actually due to this political split only. Many even believed that it could have an impact on openings as well but so far the bookings have been encouraging. However the real test for Race Gurram will be tomorrow when it will be released all over. All the centers across all the territories would come into play and one could then gauge what kind of impact all the politics have had on the film.

In the past ‘mega’ family had bounced backed many times, will this be another addition to that list? Do you think all the political tension will have an effect? How well do you think Race Gurram will open across the two Telugu states? Share us your thoughts below.