Like we said yesterday, there will be lots of twist and turns on the release date of Young Tiger NTR starrer Rabhasa. The film’s unit is not sure about completing the work on time and this is the main reason for postponement. But there were rumors that this could be avoided with slop shoddy post production work and the film can be ready for release on time. Now we have another addition to the one above that could lead to further postponement.

It seems that the top distributors distributing the film don’t want it to release in competition. They will not get required screens for record release, is the reason they cite. With no record release a biggie like Rabhasa could lose substantial revenue in the opening week is what they collectively feel. Now if the film were to release later they wouldn’t be having such problems and a record release is assured. The latest date that is being heard in distribution circles is August 29. But rest assured the issue is far from getting over and we might be hearing further interesting info about the release of the film soon.