Raashi Khanna's Fans Upset over Shower Shot & LiplockRaashi Khanna’s fans are upset because the opening shot in the recently released teaser of ‘World Famous Lover‘ was the shower scene in which Raashi’s bareback under the shower.

Usually, fans treat this kind of exposing as a visual treat from the actress. In this case, they are totally upset over Raashi Khanna. They think that Raashi’s recent releases have given her a homely image and brought her close to the family audiences.

Now, this shower shot and the liplock scene would probably break her away from the image. This is her fans worry after watching her as the girl-next-door in ‘Prati Roju Pandage’.

A few fans on social media didn’t like the shower scene because she bared her back for Vijay Deverakonda for the first time and they are wondering if that kind of skin show would be worthy.