R. Narayana Murthy to make a movie on Delhi Rape

R.Narayana Murthy is one film maker who is famous for making ‘Red’ movies or communist revolutionary films that expose the exploitation of society’s lower strata. His films tend to revolve around themes like the atrocities of governments and upper strata of society against the helpless or the poor. His films are very popular in the villages where they are very successful. He lost lakhs of money in making many such movies. And now this man is planning to make a movie on Delhi Rape case victim. The movie is reportedly titled ‘Atyacharam’. He himself revealed this to press in Yanam. More details of this project are awaited.

If some one like Narayana Murthy makes a movie on this incident, it would be certainly an honest attempt. We wish this man all the best in this endeavour.