R Narayana murthy like Hero Krishna and Raj Kapoor“There are two types of editing. One, the unedited copy is given to the editor. He takes full charge of the editing. Second, the director will be in charge of the editing and how long a scene should and other details. Which type of editor are you?”

To this query, people’s star R.Narayana Murthy says that he is like hero Krishna and legendary actor-director Raj Kapoor. Krishna did the editing for his film ‘Simhasanam’ and Raj Kapoor used to have full grip on editing every frame on his film.

As far as editing is concerned, Narayana Murthy compares himself to the above mentioned legends. The editor for his movies only remains as an operator as Murthy doesn’t know how to operate the equipment. But he is in full charge of editing otherwise. But the credits are always given to the editor says the actor-director.