Quiet Week Before Baahubali 2 Big StormIt will be a very quite ten days at the box office in Telugu Film Industry. Although Shivalinga is doing well, it is not that big to make the heads turn. The coming Friday has no noticeable release too.

So, all in all, it will be a quiet week at the ticket counter before the storm hits the screens on April 28. The excitement would begin right from the time the advance bookings stars which are going to be nothing short of gigantic.

There is a Censor that is waiting to happen and also an important issue regarding prices that needs the attention of Andhra Pradesh government. As of now, there is no permission for universal hike price for the movie Baahubali 2 which distributors are planning.

There is high court directive asking not to increase the price. A government constituted committee will look into it. All these things, outside the movies, are going to keep the film lovers busy the coming week. Keep checking this space to know each and every detail regarding Baahubali 2 as the wait to watch the movie is coming to an end soon.