Indian pelli choopulu

India is a land of cultures and traditions and parents are treated like Gods here with them making the important decisions for their kids. Therefore arranged marriage is a very popular custom for the Indians. However, we all know that arranged marriage is a little difficult, considering the awkward first meetings. Hence making a good impression is very necessary and there are some particular questions that shouldn’t be asked.

There is a popular saying which states that one should not ask a woman her age and a man his salary and now that it is the working women era, the statement applies to both. It will make it seem like money is the higher priority of that person. Then there is the one where you ask about the past of that person. One hopes that the answer is a no however it is an intimate question which should be asked after things are quite certain. Other important ones include the ‘can you cook’ or ‘are your parents dependant on you financially’ and these questions should definitely not be asked on a first meeting.