PVP---They-Said-Big-Producer-Blackmailed-HeroinesEight years of ‘Gabbar’ Singh’ tweet form Harish Shankar has actually started the chain reaction for a potential Twitter war between the director and Bandla Ganesh. Now, another producer has joined hands to instigate the matter to a different level.

In his latest tweet, PVP aka Prasad V Potluri shared an inciting post rooting Harish Shankar as the director with whom every producer is ready to work with and cryptically referring Banda Ganesh as Blade Babu based on his role in ‘Sarileeru Neekevvaru’.

He used provocative language expressing his opinion that Bandla can’t even make a short film while indicating that PVP is ready to produce a film with him. Surprisingly, Harish Shankar acknowledged PVP’s tweet thanking him and referring it as a fight, a war of words.

Now, it’s left to see how far this Twitter fight would escalate and Bandla Ganesh’s reaction to this combined mockery of Harish Shankar and PVP. War times ahead, guys!