Trailer Talk: A Quirky Family Tale From DeverakondaThe trailer of Anand Deverakonda’s Pushpaka Vimanam is out. Whatever imagination one had regarding the movie’s plot, the video is sure to take them by surprise. Icon Star Allu Arjun has released the trailer.

The opening of the Pushpaka Vimanam trailer is right in the slot of Anand Deverakonda’s previous flicks. He is the quintessential middle-class guy. Here he is seen as a government school teacher. However, the investigation from a cop, played by Sunil, adds an intrigue at the same time. It is here that Pushpaka Vimanam differs from previous efforts.

As we progress further, the real twist in the tale is revealed. The trailer feels like a mini short film with a beginning-middle-end and instantly hooks. The final segment of chaos is where Pushpaka Vimanam gets into the ‘make-it to break-it’ zone.

The overall set-up and the execution gives a quirky comic thriller vibe. The way the whole thing is set in a typical middle-class life with a newlywed couple makes it a winner. The hook involving the wife is neatly set up and is sure to intrigue the audience. One still doesn’t get the title connection, though. Guess we have to watch the film to know the reason behind it.

Check out the trailer below. Damodara writes and directs Pushpaka Vimanam. Geeth Saini, Saanve Megghana, Sunil, Naresh etc. play vital roles. Vijay Deverakonda presents the movie on the King Of The Hill Entertainment LLP banner. Pushpaka Vimanam hits cinemas on November 12th.