RRR Movie USA Pre sales collectionPushpa had a good start at the U.S. box office. But a day before the release, there was a lot of chaos due to the drives reaching the U.S at the last minute.

Some big theater chains like Regal sold early shows for Pushpa. But they had to cancel them due to delays in getting drives. So many people who wanted to watch the premiere couldn’t do it due to limited shows as Spider-Man was also releasing.

Now, the same panic situation has once again been created for RRR, whose advance bookings have opened in the US.

Fans have jumped on to the bookings and a few theaters with huge seating capacity have sold out tickets within just 30 minutes.

The panic created by Pushpa’s bookings and the massive craze of RRR has made the US audience anxious to grab the tickets right away.

Cinemark alone registered over $150 K pre-sales within few hours of the bookings opened. This will give us a hint of how strong RRR storm will be in the U.S.

The trade expects some never before heard numbers for RRR’s pre-sales in the US. Let’s see how all this unfolds.