Pushpa Makers Bad Handling Of Allu Arjun's Pan-India DebutSS Rajamouli’s RRR and Allu Arjun’s Pushpa are the two immediate Pan-India films from the Telugu film industry. Pushpa is one week away while RRR release is around four weeks. But then, the makers are handling it exactly in the Opposite way.

RRR Team had released the trailer and also finished two events in Mumbai until now. They have managed to create a stir in the social media in the name of theatrical release and that buzz has reached Bollywood celebs as well adding to the benefit in North markets.

In a complete contrast, the makers of Pushpa have so far handled the Hindi release badly.

The movie release is just one week away and there is no single event in Mumbai so far. There has been a mishap with the film’s Hindi rights. The Hindi trailer has released one day late when compared to the Telugu version and that too without any buzz.

Every frame in the film reflects how hard Allu Arjun had worked for the film. He is very ambitious about the project and is hopefully that it will launch him grandly across the country. Hopefully, the bad planning will not squander his efforts.