Pushpa Movie Hindi Poor PromotionsAllu Arjun’s Pushpa has completed its Pre-release event, the major event for any film promotions. The movie which is running on a tight schedule is lacking proper promotions. Sukumar and DSP had to skip the event as they are busy with the re-recording and the event passed off without any excitement as a result.

In fact, the problem with Pushpa started with the trailer release. The trailer got delayed that day and from there, the production house faltered. They have gone into a shell without moving an inch in the promotions. They were in waiting mode forever for Bunny and Sukumar to come.

But then, crucial days have been missed. At that juncture, the RRR trailer has come out and the whirlwind promotions have taken off all the attention of the audience. The promotions outside AP and Telangana have gone out of the equation, the Telugu promotions are disappointing as well.

The Pre-release event has disappointed fans with bad crowd management and everyone with poor content and flow. There are just four days left for the film release and everyone is clueless about the next step.

Allu Arjun is known for promoting his films very aggressively and he fell short for the first time in his career and that too for his Prestigious Pan-India Debut thanks to the poor handling of Mythri Movie Makers.

Allu Aravind is a mastermind in film promotions and he had vast connections in Bollywood right from Aamir Khan to Shahid Kapoor. Geetha Arts is also producing Jersey in Bollywood. He would have used his goodwill to bring them to promote the film but it is not the case now.

For the Bollywood debut of any Telugu Star, it is important to make an impression right with the first film. Ram Charan has missed it back then with Zanjeer and it took a long time for him even to come back. Mahesh Babu failed with his Kollywood debut (Spyder) and is still struggling to get back. So, this project is extremely important for Allu Arjun.

At the same time, NTR and Ram Charan are also testing the waters in Mumbai. If the result of Pushpa is not up to the mark, it will not augur well to the stardom and ambitions of Allu Arjun. In a few months, we will have Vijay Deverakonda making big noise in the North Belt for his Liger.

Allu Arjun would have definitely cast his magic on Bollywood markets even without Rajamouli. A mass masala film like Pushpa is something the Bollywood audiences are craving for. He will repent if the movie hits the jackpot but fails in Hindi due to poor marketing and not using his father’s own production banner Geetha Arts for his prestigious pan India debut.