Pushpa-Director-TejaA few days ago, director Teja raked up a controversy, saying Pushpa incurred heavy losses in the Telugu states. This led to a social media debate and Teja had been facing the heat from Allu Arjun’s fans all the while.

Cut to now, Teja has clarified his comments on Pushpa. He has stated that Pushpa is a loss venture in the Telugu states but it isn’t a flop film.

“My words were misinterpreted. I said Pushpa incurred losses. And that is due to the ticket rates issue in Andhra Pradesh. It is a good film, it isn’t a flop. It is a good film that didn’t make good money due to the ticket prices issue.” Teja said.

Adding further, Teja said the AP ticket rates issue affected a few good films as the low prices didn’t generate good revenues. But when the prices were hiked, a few bad films managed to breakeven.

Well, Teja had created a controversy by saying Pushpa isn’t a fruitful film at the box office but now he has clarified on the same with an elaborate statement.