Pushpa in 2023: Good Or Bad?Pushpa is surely a turning point in Allu Arjun’s career. Though the content wasn’t outstanding, Allu Arjun made sure that the film gets its due with his solid performance which was loved by many.

The way songs and fights clicked in Hindi is known to all. Now, all eyes are now on Pushpa 2. The first part was criticized for its rushed climax and not so interesting cliffhanger for part two.

Sukumar has not taken the part two to the floors yet. There is news that the film will take the sets only by July end. As Sukumar is known to make his films on a slow note, the film will only be released in 2023.

Well, is this a good plan or not, the social media is abuzz with discussions. There is surely a momentum that has been created in north with the hero’s character but one has to understand that the film is no Baahubali or KGF 2 for which the audience gets edgy waiting to see what the suspense is. The sooner the release for part two will do wonders, many feel.