Pushpa Hyped Numbers Reason For Theaters Seizing In AP?Just when everyone thought things will be getting back to normal in Andhra Pradesh with the intervention of the High Court, they have become much worse now. Officials are raiding theaters and are seizing them on one name or the other.

Some theaters are forced to follow unreasonable rates of Thirty Rupees max and so, they are closing down operations. Meanwhile, theaters are being seized in the name of lack of Form-B renewal (Form-B is a certificate of Fire Safety, Electricity, Parking, and R&B clearance).

While many believe it is a vendetta of the Government, some allege that this is happening because of Allu Arjun and the team of Pushpa. Pushpa is the only movie that has officially announced collections until now. They have announced 203 crore gross for the first four days of its release.

Pushpa has performed better than expectations at the box office. But there are allegations that Allu Arjun’s team is jacking up the numbers to showcase it as a massive blockbuster. Now, many are alleging that these exorbitant announcements caught the attention of the Government once again and they are back to harassing the industry once again.

We do not know if it is true but for the last couple of days, distributors and producers were worried about announcing the collections. Pushpa team is the first to have announced the collections. Even if that is the reason, it is no valid reason to torment the industry. An industry and lakhs of families depending on it are suffering big time due to this vendetta politics.