Pushpa Hindi Manages A Unique FeatPushpa is Allu Arjun’s Prestigious Pan-India Debut. He has hoped to make it big with the film but the last minute troubles mean that everything has gone haywire.

The movie is releasing with no proper promotions and no proper release.

Sukumar is carving the film until the last minute. The team team tried to finish off the Hindi Censor on Wednesday but the censor board refused to complete the process without the final copy. They have finished the final copy work finally.

The Censor formalities will happen later today. That means the Censor formalities are happening one day before the release day.

To be precise, the Censor will happen few hours before the US Premieres. A Star film finishing Censor hours before the release is something unheard of.

This is a unique feat for Pushpa but neither Allu Arjun nor his fans would be proud of it.