Pushpa For Mahesh Babu? Sukumar Clarifies!It is known to our readers that Sukumar was supposed to direct Superstar Mahesh Babu after Rangasthalam. The movie was dropped due to creative differences and Sukumar went on to do Pushpa with Allu Arjun which was released recently. Many say Pushpa is the same script Mahesh rejected.

There have been debates on social media about whether Mahesh Babu has taken the right decision or not. Sukumar himself clarified it in an interview. “I have narrated a story based on Red Sanders smuggling for Mahesh Babu. But the story got changed for Mahesh Babu,” Sukumar said.

“Mahesh Babu is very fair and I can not make him cool. So, the backdrop was the same but the story is different. The character attitude changed for Allu Arjun,” the director revealed. Pushpa is Allu Arjun’s biggest makeover to date and there is huge applause for his performance and transformation.

Pushpa has to get to 150 Crore Share to become a break-even venture. It looks tough as things stand today. The movie performed better than expected but the conditions in Andhra Pradesh played a spoilsport.