Pushpa Allu Arjun DSP SukumarIn three days from now, the first single from Pushpa will be out. The makers and its marketing team are doing a fabulous job in maintaining the curiosity and hype around the single ‘Dakko Dakko Meka’. Today, fresh visual glimpses were out. So, what exactly are its targets?

All guns blazing promotion and the five language release means Pushpa will be in direct competition with RRR. So far, RRR is the only film with multiple language releases simultaneously, along with a video. Pushpa will, therefore, be its first competitor.

The second is generating a curiosity among audiences that is not Telugu. If it achieves that, it means more reach to the film. On the home turf, Pushpa getting huge views would be no deal. But, to do so in other languages is the real challenge.

As of now, Pushpa is hardly known outside the Telugu audience. One shouldn’t confuse it with the popularity of Allu Arjun. Many people are aware of him, but being aware of him and being aware of Pushpa (his film) are two different things. The first single could change that perspective.

The visuals accompanied by the song is a better idea to draw the non-regular audience in. They will slowly get used to the raw and rugged setting.

The bottom line is that it is not just the first single release; the promotions have to work at multiple levels. The entire burden now rests on music director Devi Sri Prasad. Pushpa’s first single will be out on August 13th. Let’s see how well he delivers at a pan-India level.