allu Arjun Pushpa CollectionsAllu Arjun’s Pushpa has opened to mixed reports and superb openings the other day. Allu Arjun is getting unanimous applause for the efforts he put in to play Pushparaj be it in appearance or that Chittoor dialect.

But then, Pushpa also brings the biggest-ever challenge to Allu Arjun’s stardom.

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In recent times, Allu Arjun‘s career had distinct films. The films have worked or failed and there is no middle ground. For the first time, Pushpa has landed some where. Also, Allu Arjun’s films are helped by various factors like Director, music, comedy etc.

Allu Arjun’s stardom combined with those factors took the films to next level. The complete responsibility of Pushpa lies on Allu Arjun’s shoulders. He should steer it to safety from here.

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For a star, it is always easy to make a film work when things have gone right. Only in circumstances like this, the stardom is challenged.

Also, Pushpa is not a typical Allu Arjun’s territory which will bring families easily to the theaters. So, Pushpa poses a challenge to Allu Arjun’s Stardom.

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As much as 150 Crore is riding on the film. If the star manages to pull it off, the message will be loud and clear.