Allu Arjun Pushpa makeupIcon Star Allu Arjun’s Pushpa is arriving on December 17th. Bunny has undergone extreme makeover for the film which is set in the backdrop of Red Sanders smuggling in Seshachalam forests. Ramakrishna and Monica, the production designers of the film have revealed an interesting detail about Allu Arjun’s hard work and the attention to detail.

“We designed around 15 looks for Bunny and other characters in the film according to Sukumar Sir’s Inputs. Allu Arjun’s look is so painful and he has to wear makeup in every part of the body from hair to toes. It would take hours to wear and remove. Moreover the shooting has happened for around two years,” they revealed.

Allu Arjun would have an assistant who would take his pictures on a tab from head to toes everyday. The next day, Bunny would check the pictures and his makeup. If anything is missed, he would immediately alert the makeup team. Even he had to trek and walk for miles wearing that makeup. It was extremely tough being Pushparaj,” they said.

Ramakrishna and Monica worked for three years for the film including one year of Pre-production. “Even for the locations scouting, we had to lay a road to go into the forest. If it rained, the road would get damaged and It has to be laid once again. No one can attempt such a film in future also,” they said.