Allu-Arjun-Bunny-VasIcon StAAr Allu Arjun has attended the Pre-release event of Allu Sirish’s Urvasivo Rakshasivo last night. The event was supposed to give a push to the film which has got a decent talk but still struggling at the box office.

But then, everyone from Tammareddy Bhardwaja, Dil Raju, and Bunny Vas to Bunny himself got carried away in Pushpa’s hangover and diverted the event.

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They were all seen making hyped statements over Pushpa. While the speeches were to give thumbnails about Urvasivo Rakshasivo, they gave the stuff over Pushpa.

That aside, it is also to be noted if a film like Pushpa 2 needs a such push.

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Pushpa has attained success in the North markets and there is enough buzz around it. That should be more than enough.

In recent times, we have seen a hero making tall claims about shaking the country and then falling flat. That has dented the credibility of Telugu Cinema to some extent in the North.

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Setting unnecessary expectations and making unreasonable statements showing attitude is boomeranging.

Rajamouli’s approach of letting the content speak worked for Telugu Cinema at the Pan-India level so far. Even KGF makers did not market their film aggressively.

Probably that is the best approach for Pushpa 2. If followed last night, it would have been better for Allu Sirish as well.