Puri Vs Buyers: Industry Dark Side ExposedThe Liger losses compensation fiasco has been taking awkward turns every passing day. Very recently, Puri filed a police complaint against the distributors and financier, saying they’re threatening him even if he’s legally not bound to compensate the losses incurred by the film.

Puri has been arguing that he’s just a creative director and he doesn’t have any obligation to compensate the losses. His argument is that he filed the complaint to avoid ruckus from distributors side after they said they would stage a Dharna at his house.

The distributors say that it’s a moral obligation for Puri to compensate for the losses as the film was sold for high prices. They argue that the film was hyped up too much and they were tricked into shelling out big bucks for the same.

From the neutral standpoint, the audience aren’t too bothered with either of the argument. The judgement of the audience is restricted to whether the film is a worth watch or not. Not many care about the business aspects and the whole Puri Vs Buyers saga.

What this development has done is it has exposed the dark side of the film industry. What should’ve been settled behind closed doors was dragged into public and a scene was made. The audience and commoners won’t take any sides or show sympathy as they are not bothered by either of the parties.