Puri Jagannadh visits Spain Superstar’s house

Director Puri Jagannadh is a movie aficionado and it needs no special mention. A look at his films and music in it would reveal to his taste influenced from the different parts of world. It was no wonder then that where Puri Jagannadh had ended up now while shooting for his next movie.

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Puri Jagannadh is currently shooting Heart attack starring Nithin in the lead in Span. The director came to know that he is shooting in a house that is opposite to the house of a Spanish star Antonio Bendaras, the director made it a point to visit the house. He met the actor’s mother and took a picture with her too. The actor unfortunately wasn’t present in the house at that time. While on Puri Jagannadh he seems to have found new love after Bangkok, as he has been visiting this place more regularly now like he used to earlier visit Bangkok. Will this be his new holiday destination spot, we will know soon.