Puri Missing The Padding?Puri Jagannadh has good music sense. His films often tend to have good audio albums. His previous film, Ismart Shankar had a chartbuster audio album .

However, Puri appears to have missed the trick with Liger. It is reported that the film has as many as 6 songs and that is surprising, given that the film reportedly has a crisp runtime of 2 hours 20 minutes.

Including 6 songs in a 140-minute film doesn’t happen quite often. But the thing here is that none of the songs that were released from Liger album till date have garnered a great response from the audience.

Audio wise, Liger is not even close to Ismart Shankar, or at least that is what the songs that have been released till now suggest. It is surprising that Puri hasn’t focused more on the audio especially after the extent to which Ismart Shankar was benefited from the audio album.

Ismart Shankar had the native Mani Sharma, who came up with a winning album. In the case of Liger, the audio is composed by Bollywood artists Vikram Montrose, Tanishk Bachi, and Sunil Kashyap. The lack of nativity could be the reason why the audio isn’t striking a chord with the Telugu audience. Puri appears to be missing the Telugu padding this time around.

It is heard that most of these songs are a part of the narrative and they’ll play in the background. So as it appears, Puri is focusing more on the story and screenplay this time around for Liger.