puri jagannadh Puri Jagannadh has been speaking on various topics about life during the Lockdown in the name of Puri Musings. If you are a fan of Puri Musings and did not listen to his latest musing – Life Anthem you will be doing a great disservice to yourself.

In this musing, Puri stresses the importance to live life to the fullest without any strings. He asks not to get into any strings like marriage, religion, or any other commitments.

“Nobody is born for you and you are not born for anyone” – Puri summarizes everything in a single line. He asks people to live for themselves, take care of parents and loved ones, earn and save money, exercise, and travel across the globe. “Make a list of all things you want and do everything,” he says.

He further asks to burn all fat two years before you turn 60. “Turning 60 is not retirement. You only get wiser at 60, he says. Puri advises doing crazy things like learning guitar, doing everything with the other hand, joining a new job, and do crazy things with young colleagues.

“If you are able to do all your works at 70-80, it’s a superhit. A film is a Blockbuster, only if the climax is a superhit. Make your life a Blockbuster,” he says ending the crazy musing.