Puri Jagannadh movie script leakedWhen the filmmakers have been waging unsuccessful wars against piracy continuously and when piracy remains the biggest menace, here comes another vice in the form of leaking a film’s script online.

Puri’s ‘iSmart Shankar’ script was said to be leaked on an Instagram page and the admin of the page is said to have threatened Puri that he would leak the entire script if Puri doesn’t budge to the admin’s financial demands.

A complaint was filed against the admin Murali Krishna of the Instagram page at Hyderabad Cyber Crime police on Friday. Ravi Kumar of Puri’s production house Puri Connects has filed this complaint.

However, the accused claims that he actually extracted the script from a website and also, he didn’t make any financial demands. So far, piracy of newly released films has been causing big anxiety.

This kind of script theft and getting leaked online is a new threat that can cause huge irrepairable damage to any film in the making. Beware, folks!